ASMR Creator Profile: The Lune Innate

The Lune Innate

Reiki, Energy Work, Distance Healing, Soft-Spoken


The Lune Innate is a master Reiki healer originally from the tri-state area. Her videos are available on YouTube as well as on the Tingles app.

Lune Innate’s videos typically feature soothing, dim, colored lights, an emphasis on chakra and body healing, and use of crystals for energy work. While her style is probably more of interest to ASMR fans who are interested in energy healing, her light and feathery voice is tingle-inducing and her videos are particularly great for coping with anxiety, reducing stress, and getting sleepy. She’s particularly fantastic at distance Reiki sessions and interacting with the camera to effectively simulate real-life, in-person energy clearing around the viewer’s head and body.