ASMR Creator Profile: ItsBlitzzz


Self-care, wellness, nutrition, Soft-spoken, whisper, massage, zero waste


Julia, better known to her internet fans as ItsBlitzzz, skyrocketed to ASMR fame when she started posting soft-spoken and whisper massage videos of herself offering personalized attention to her gang of gorgeous friends. Julia’s a dedicated cat mom, talks openly about her issues with anxiety and grief, is very frank with her audience about her nutrition and exercise routines, and has even taken viewers on journeys with her when she’s had plastic surgery services performed. She’s an uncommonly fresh voice in the setting of Los Angeles, a whirlwind of self-appointed wellness gurus. She’s someone who “keeps it real” and often shows genuine vulnerability in her content. Although she is conventionally gorgeous, she is a strong advocate for body positivity and overall wellness.

ItsBlitzz’s ASMR videos are somewhat unique, stylistically, in that they most frequently feature Julia wearing her trademark turtleneck, but with her head cut out of frame. She angles her camera to primarily capture her hand motions as she brushes her subject’s hair and/or provides them with gua sha or massage. Her ASMR videos are a good mix of soft-spoken and whisper. Some are shot in daylight, others are shot in night settings with lower light. Our favorite videos feature ItsBlitzzz addressing the camera as if the viewer is an old friend, because after watching even just one of her videos, you’ll find yourself wishing you had a friend IRL like her.

We recommend following her on YouTube and Instagram because she frequently shares exclusive promotional codes to try products she features in video, has a partnership with Audible (!) and is active in the volunteer community around Los Angeles.